Monday, June 6, 2011

Double Standards, It's A Liberal Thing

Today during Representative Anthony Weiner's press conference a woman who makes me have respect for Alex Jones tweeted this:

gotta say, I’m pissed at . Not for tweeting his junk, but for legitimizing Breitbart.
2 hours ago via Echofon
It doesn't surprise me really. This woman is known to come up with crazy conspiracy theories and is wrong on virtually everything. We all know that the left hold their own to a completely different standard than we do on the right. Remember Chris Lee and his shirtless photo? Yeah, not quite the same affect that a picture of bulging pair of underwear has but Lee resigned from his position almost immediately. Or what about Mark Foley, John Ensign, Mark Souder? You get the point. All of these Republican elected officials couldn't keep it in their pants and ended up resigning. Why is it that we on the right are willing to hold elected officials accountable for their actions but the left excuses the guilty and goes after the messenger? We've seen this repeatedly especially when Andrew Breitbart is behind the breaking news. Are they so ideologically driven that they are willing to ignore the facts when it comes to their dear leaders mistakes or is it that they have no standards when it comes honor or integrity as long as the district, state, or white house continues to have a Democrat in position?

We have many serious problems in this country that extend beyond the fidelity of politicians. Sure, we on the right have had fun with the Weinergate scandal all week because he's one of the most arrogant politicians in office and because for once it's not a Republican. But the underlying issue with this case is that Weiner lied and actually tried to blame first a hacker and then Breitbart, thus giving professional smear merchants like Eric Boehlert and Markos Moulitsas reason to call the whole thing a hoax and further the lie. By Weiner not being honest about his mistake he allowed this story to continue for over a week (and of course the media didn't blink) when we could have been having more serious discussions. Trust me the last thing I want to do is get to the bottom of lewd photos sent to college co-eds by one of the most repulsive men I've ever seen.
Much to my and many others disappointment Weiner did not resign today. Should a politician resign for being a sexting, unfaithful jerk to his wife? That's not really any of my business nor is it for me to judge if this had not gone public. What is my business though is a sexting, unfaithful elitist who thinks he can LIE to the public and get away with it. It's time the left feel the same way.

~whoever is careless with the truth in small matters, cannot be trusted with important matters.- Albert Einstein

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  1. This tasteless situation has led to a crop of equally tasteless and crass jokes. The LSM did their best to overlook it, but the people have chosen to pick this as an example of the moral turpitude they see among the leftist ranks.