Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why Hasn't JoAnne Kloppenburg Recanted Her Victory Speech?

      It has been a week since the residents of Wisconsin decided to put a halt to the unions so called "referendum on Scott Walker". Even with all the voter fraud that usually takes place in WI due to our crappy voter laws, it was still a close race.  However, on Wednesday, before the canvassing of the districts had even begun, Kloppenburg decided she would declare victory in the close race with only a 204 vote lead.  That seemed like an odd move since the official reports had not yet come back.  She declared herself the winner against a 12 year veteran to the courts and said that "the voters of Wisconsin have spoken". I realize there was an error in the reporting of the City of Brookfield but all the conspiracies have been ruled out and it was in fact just an error, even Huffpo says so.

     This morning I heard that she still hadn't walked back from her early declaration of victory.  I was wondering why?  It seems disrespectful to the actual winner and silly that she would continue to hold on to hope even with Justice Prosser ahead still by approximately 7,000 votes. Even Prosser is considerate and smart enough to wait. In the next day or so when Milwaukee County canvassing totals are in and confirms what we already know, I expect things will get interesting here as she's called in Mark Elias as her attorney.  I suppose she feels if Sen. Al Franken can lose an election but still become a Senator, Elias is probably worth every penny.

We in Wisconsin know this is far from over. We will have to fight the do nothing left and the solidarity Fisters at every initiative to get this state's budget under control, while they offer no alternatives.  I am happy Justice Prosser will be declared the winner within the next few days, but I know all too well this only pisses the left off more.  Stay tuned.....................


  1. We here in Wisconsin have become too accustom to election corruption, and Kloppy is happily among them. Once she gets back from Egypt and stops living in Denial, she will be forced to hear the music. While she suffers through the dirge of her defeat, we will be kicking up our heals to the happy dance!

  2. The left needs to take a good long look at itself. Where's that mirror? Oh, here it is!